Diagnostics Lab

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Diagnostics Lab

Our standard diagnostic procedure includes sample washing, overnight incubation, and microscopic evaluation the following AM.  You will receive both a telephone call and a written report as a pdf file via e-mail attachment.

We charge $75 per cut cutter plug sample.

Download our sample collection and submission form for more information.

The method by which we process your sample should remove most, if not all, nematodes. If we find numerous nematodes in your sample, we will recommend that a nematode assay be conducted by an outside laboratory. We presently recommend the U. of Florida Nematode lab in Gainesville, FL. (nemalab@mail.ifas.ufl.edu)  

Not all diseases can be determined by microscopic examination. If we believe your sample should undergo additional diagnostic procedures, we will call you to discuss additional outside lab diagnostics strategy.

Digital photos of field symptoms along with turf treatment records going back 4 weeks before the disease outbreak will be very helpful. 

  Send to healymj14@gmail.com and let us know the anticipated date of arrival of your sample(s).




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